How To Choose A Reliable Mold Manufacturer?​

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How to choose a reliable mold manufacturer?

When developing plastic molds, choosing a reliable and good supplier plays a decisive role in the success or failure of the entire project. So what kind of mold supplier can become a good supplier? By what standard do we judge?

Choose the right one

Appropriate company size

When looking for a mold manufacturer, as long as the mold manufacturer and the size match your product demand and can ensure the production quality and delivery time of the mold, you can. Don’t blindly pursue the size of the factory’s system. Large companies generally have long-term and stable customer groups. The effectiveness of new customers may not be able to keep up. When the construction period is tight, old customers are often given priority. However, it is also not advisable for a company that is too small. Especially for a company with an imperfect system structure, there are often situations where multiple companies make the same mold. It is difficult to alleviate the problem in the middle, and it is difficult to ensure the quality and delivery time of the mold. Therefore, the big system is not necessarily good, and the right one is a good mold supplier for you.

Don't be greedy for cheap and lose quality.

Appropriate Mold Budget

When product developers are looking for cooperative mold manufacturers, it is best to have a sufficient mold opening budget. Don’t covet low prices or make deals at prices much lower than the average market price, because often in this case, manufacturers will deduct product materials and labor costs to recoup the cost, and often the quality of the product is not available. Guaranteed. When your budget is not enough, you can discuss with the manufacturer to increase the order quantity of plastic products, and evenly distribute the mold cost to the injection products in batches, which has solved the current budget problem. Therefore, it is particularly important to find a mold manufacturer that provides one-stop service from design to mass production.

The company system is perfect

Perfect workshop system

A well-established mold manufacturing factory can provide one-stop service from design to mass production. Usually they have rich industry experience, complete equipment, and relatively stable partners, and can provide you not only a set of mold products, but a set of solutions that meet your own requirements and solve your problems. problem. Please allow me to introduce Shanghai Yuanhai Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. We have nearly 30 years of experience in the mould industry, have our own design team and factory, are committed to mould development and production and product injection production, and are determined to provide every customer with The most comprehensive one-stop customized solution. Please feel free to contact if necessary.

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