Double-Color Mould

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Double Color Mould

What is a double-color mold? What are the double-color molds and their molding classifications? Do you know that with the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for product quality, will double-color molds gradually replace ordinary injection molds? Welcome to Yuanhai Science Blog.

With the improvement of people's quality of life, people gradually have a demand for the appearance features and humanized design of the products in the process of using the existing children's toys, industrial products, daily necessities, etc. in daily life. Desire to enhance the overall experience through the unique color matching of the product and a more comfortable feel. The emergence of double-color mold injection molding uses a brand-new molding method to complete Double-color molding and secondary encapsulation of the same product in a shorter time than double the ordinary injection molding market. However, the two-color mold has higher precision requirements than ordinary injection molds.


So what is a double-color mold?

A double-color mold is a mold in which two plastic materials are injected on the same injection molding machine and molded in two times, but the product is only released once. Generally, this molding process is also called double-component injection molding, which is usually completed by a set of molds and requires a special double-color injection molding machine.

Double-color mold injection molding

Type of Double-color mold injection molding

Double-color mold injection molding is roughly divided into two categories: injection screw parallel injection molding and injection screw vertical injection molding
1. Parallel
The injection screws are arranged in parallel and can act independently or at the same time. There are two sets of independent ejecting mechanisms. The two injection ports of the injection molding machine inject different colors into the same mold cavity at the same time to form color products without obvious boundaries.
2, vertical
The injection screw is arranged vertically in a plane, and can also act independently or simultaneously, but only has one set of ejector mechanism.

Double-color mold

types of Double-color mold

Double-color molds can be divided into: core rotary type, core back type, push plate rotary type according to the structure classification. Among them, the core rotary type can be divided into two types: split type and conjoined type. The so-called split type is to use two pairs of molds mounted on an injection molding machine to complete the injection molding of double-color products, and the conjoined type is a pair of molds. The injection molding of double-color products is completed in China, among which the core rotary split type is widely used.

With the development of social quality, double-color injection molding has been widely used in almost all plastic fields such as electronic products, power tools, medical products, home appliances, toys and so on. Multi-color injection molding and two-material co-injection molding will gradually replace the traditional injection molding process in the future.

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