Overmoulding & Double-Color Mold

Do you know the difference between them?

Overmolding mold & Double-color mold

With the development of the plastic products industry, double-color products occupy a position that cannot be ignored. As we all know, double-color products are mainly divided into two types of molding process production methods: rubber-coated molds and double-color molds. Then, with different molding processes for the same product, do you know the difference between these two molds, but do you still wonder how to choose? 

The difference between overmolding and two-color molds:

lower cost

1. Overmolding mold

The overmolding mold also becomes a secondary molding mold, that is, the plastic materials of the two colors are not necessarily injection-molded in the same injection molding machine manufacturer, and are molded in two times. After the product is released from one set of molds and cooled, it is then placed into another set of molds for secondary injection molding by manual or robotic arms. Therefore, the general overmolding process is usually completed by a combination of two sets of molds, and only an ordinary injection molding machine is required. In the case of low raw material cost and low profit, it is recommended to use an overmolded mold.

better quality

2. double-color mold

The double-color mold is the opposite of the overmolded mold. The two plastic materials are injected on the same injection molding machine and are molded in two times, but the product is only molded once. This molding process usually completes the injection in the same set of molds and requires a professional double-color injection molding machine. The quality of the products produced by the double-color mold is generally higher than that of the overmolded mold, but the cost of the mold and the product is much higher than that of the overmolded donation. If you have a sufficient budget and have a certain pursuit of product quality, it is recommended to choose a double-color mold.

In general, the difference between the two is that a double-color mold requires a more professional double-color injection molding machine, and its cost will be higher than that of an overmolded mold, but the quality of the product produced will be better than that of an overmolded mold. So how to choose depends on your project budget and product quality requirements.

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