One-Step Services We Offer

We provide one-stop mold customization services from 3D scanning to finished product printing. 24 hours a day customer service mail service, to provide you with professional quotations and solve current difficulties.

How can we help you?

3D Drawing Suggestion

About 10 design technical teams can create perfect 3D drawings for you,  provide better design suggestions for your existing 3D drawings. Ensure the smooth progress of subsequent operations, reduce the number of repairs, and control the money and time costs of making molds.

Mold Making & Processing

Yuanhai has a complete set of mold manufacturing equipment such as CNC, EDM center, wire cutting equipment, CNC engraving machine, drilling machine, grinder, milling machine, and injection molding machine. Our own processing plant completes the mold making, and the product quality is guaranteed.

Mass Production

Yuanhai has more than ten injection molding machines and several product production inspectors to provide you with product injection services. If necessary, we can provide mass production of plastic products, one-stop solution to your production needs, to ensure output and delivery time.

Quality Inspection

Yuanhai has professional mold product testing instruments and technicians to control product quality in real time and provide you with the best quality products and services. To ensure the rationality of product design, always implement Yuanhai With the tenet of “product quality as foundation, product quality as tenet”, Yuanhai people persist in the operation concept of “seek mutual benefit and double-win, continuously enhance core competitiveness”.

Finished Product Processing

You can trust our strength. Yuanhai has dozens of product production personnel to provide you with processing services for plastic products: finishing and cleaning, product installation and combination, finished product packaging, etc. At the same time, it has a strategic long-term cooperative relationship with major printing logo or color painting processing factories, providing you with one-stop customized services with guaranteed quality and quantity.

24-Hour Online Service

We provide you with professional foreign trade personnel, 24 hours mail online service, to solve any of your problems. Professional quotation staff will provide you with the best model making plan and reasonable price. During mold production, respond to the call of the epidemic and provide you with humanized online visualization production services until the end of the cooperation.


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